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We live in difficult times, times in which we need that extra guarantee to be calm. Therefore, because we know everything you have suffered and what you deserve to disconnect without worries, we want you to know that, in the Rural House "Calzada Romana" we are taking all the necessary sanitary measures so that your stay is 10, without reducing a apex protection against disease. 


Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the house so that nothing unwanted enters.  

Bins with pedal and bag opening in each bathroom of each room.


Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with disinfectant products


Cleaning of fabrics (cushions, sofas, skirts ...) with steam.


Information of interest on a poster so as not to manipulate brochures.


Large house with abundant ventilation.


Possibility of bringing your own towels and bedding, with the consequent discount.



Do you have any questions or concerns? Don't stay with them. We are here to help you and solve them!

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